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In this post I am going to explain about how to enable Grayscale Printing in Canon Pixma MP250 series printer . You can refer to my tutorial here in case you want to install the printer and scanner on Ubuntu and any other Linux distro .

To enable the Grayscale printing just follow the following steps .

1. Click System –> Administration –> Printing .

2. Now right click on your printer and select properties .

3. Now select Job Options

4 . Now scroll down to the bottom .

5. At the bottom you will see a text box . In that text box add “CNGrayscale” (without qoutes) and click on Add button .

6. Once you click add there will appear another text box right above the first text box . So in the second text box add “TRUE” and click on apply .

Thats all , now your printer will print in Grayscale mode . In case you want to print in color mode just change the TRUE to FALSE .

If there is something that you did not understand , you can ask me in the comments .